Cancellation Policy

An appointment is a reserved time with our doctors or hygienists. We do not double book appointments so that we may focus on one patient at a time. Please ARRIVE ON TIME for your appointments as every minute counts. We make every attempt to see our patients on time. We do REQUIRE confirmation of appointments and our confirmations are done via text, email or phone call. A confirmed appointment is a promise that you will be able to make it to your appointment. If you do not confirm your appointment within the 48 hour time limit then the appointment will be removed from the schedule. Patients who are late may have to be rescheduled as we require a set amount of time for every procedure and we will not compromise treatment to make up for lost time. If a pattern of lateness, missed appointments or noncompliance with treatment occurs you may be dismissed from the practice.

We require 48 hours notice for cancellations.