Digital Imaging

Dental x-rays play an important role in diagnosing decay and gum disease (periodontitis). In addition, eruption of adult teeth and bony lesions (tumors) can be detected with a panorex. In our office, we recommend dental x-rays once a year to prevent dental decay worsening into a root canal or an extraction. Many people are concerned about exposure to radiation, but with digital x-rays there is 90% less radiation than regular x-rays.

Digital X-rays offer immediate imaging at your Family Dentist in Middletown DE

With digital imaging there is no filer to process so the image is instantaneous. The patient and the dentist can view the image together on the computer monitor. This allows us to better explain the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Digital images are saved into our computer database and can be sent to specialists or insurance companies. We can also print the images if needed.

Digital x-rays are also better for the environment because the images do not require any of the harsh chemicals used in conventional x-ray processing, therefore we dont have to worry about disposable or hazardous waste.