Dentures are fabricated teeth that can be removed and re-inserted daily. While dentures fit to the gums and consist of an entire arch of teeth, partial dentures clip onto your remaining natural teeth and consist of only several teeth. You want to make sure your denture or partial is not only comfortable, but natural looking. Good denture teeth will essentially look like real teeth the overall shade of the teeth will be white in the center of your mouth, and more yellow towards the back of your mouth. In addition, the tooth size should diminish from the front teeth (incisors) to the back teeth (molars). It is our goal to create a denture or partial that is so natural no one will notice!

Some commonly asked questions about Dentures are:

Why do I want to keep my teeth?

Partial Dentures a service of your General Dentist in Middletown DEA lower denture is very hard to get used to because our tongue and cheek muscles pop the denture up. This is why you want to retain your lower teeth as long as possible. This way they can be used as anchors for a partial.

How many visits for a partial or denture?

It takes about 5 visits with 2-3 weeks between each visit to complete the process. Remember that it is very important for the denture/partial to fit properly to ensure it is both natural looking and comfortable.

What is an immediate denture?

Dentures offered by your General Dentist in Middletown DEAn immediate denture is created when the back, or posterior, teeth are removed first leaving the front, or anterior, teeth intact. After about 2 months an impression is taken to begin making the denture. When the denture is completed the remaining front teeth are removed and the denture is placed. The advantage to an immediate denture is that the patient always has their front teeth intact. The disadvantage is that during the 2-3 month healing phase following the anterior extraction, bone and gum tissue begin to shrink. The denture will feel loose, and your dentist will need to adjust the fit of your denture at this time.